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29th-Feb-2012 01:35 pm(no subject)
dirty, jared padalecki, supernatural

Once Upon a Time Bosses Preview a Very Grumpy Outing and Tackle 6 Big Questions

ABC’s Once Upon a Time this Sunday will weave a magical tale about love that might leave you… grumpy?

The episode, which features a guest-starring turn byAngel/Dollhouse alumna Amy Acker as a fairy named Nova, reveals the backstory of Snow White’s crankiest dwarf pal. As the object of Grumpy’s affection, “[Nova] is going to help tell the story of how Grumpy became Grumpy,” says executive producerEddie Kitsis, who describes the hour as “in the vein of a Pixar [movie].”

As for Emilie de Ravin’s encore as Belle, “She’s got a nice little scene” with Grumpy, continues the EP. “She’s sitting  there [alive], with the person who loves her [Rumpelstiltskin] not realizing it, and he would be someone I would not want to piss off.”

Alas, there’s likely to be more heartache ahead for the beast’s beauty, who will be back “probably more towards the end of the season,” reveals Kitsis.

Here’s what Kitsis and fellow showrunner Adam Horowitz had to say about Once‘s other big mysteries, during a recent Q&A:

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28th-Feb-2012 10:10 am - Why watch Once Upon a Time?
I have been trying to convince my friends to watch Once Upon A Time as I really enjoy it and don't have anyone else to talk about it with except Lou. In one of my attempts, I was texting back and forth with my friend Sarah in an effort to convince her to watch it. There are a couple things that her preventing her from doing so: she is a very busy person and she doesn't really like fantasy shows/movies. To be specific, she really dislikes 80's fantasy movies. I mean to the point where they seriously freak her out. Examples of movies that really disturb her are: The Neverending Story, Willow, the TV version of Alice in Wonderland, and Legend to name a few. The problem I'm having is that I absolutely love all of those movies so it's hard for me to explain if this show is anything like them or might freak her out. My initial reaction is that there is nothing disturbing at all about Once Upon a Time.

She asked me how much the show is like those 80's movies. I said that's hard to quantify. I venture to say it's really not like those movies but there is a fantasy aspect. Though that is only half of the show (as the rest is based in the real world) and it's not particularly freaky or scary. I mean it may be more attuned to the original fairy tales (instead of the sanitized disney versions). There are a lot of familiar characters but with a twist to fit the show. It's kind of like they took all these familiar disney and other fairy tale characters, put them all in a room and had to figure out what they are dong there and how they know each other. It's kind of like what they did with Shrek; it's a shared world. I guess you need to really like fairy tales but not be extremely attached to the disney versions.

It's such a great show so I really hope that she decides to watch it. To accompany it, I also listen to a really awesome podcast. You can listen to it on itunes at http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/once-upon-a-time-podcast/id480653028 or just go to http://www.onceuponatimepodcast.com. They also have a blog, forum, twitter account @ouatpodcast and are really genuine people who love their fans. 
4th-Aug-2011 10:54 am - I'm a Musicholic
dirty, jared padalecki, supernatural
Hello, my name is Ray, and I'm a Musicholic.

It all started when I discovered that my local library has a vast CD collection and you can check out 10 at a time. Searching through their online catalog, I discovered that they have alot of new and popular stuff! Well, that's when I began trolling fanmix.livejournal.com in conjunction with grooveshark.com to sample some of the songs and discover new artists that I Iike. Then I'd search the catalog and see if it was available in my local library or if I could put it on hold and have it transferred over. Well, long story short, I have probably borrowed over 150 CDs this year! I end up ripping them to iTunes for my personal enjoyment, so I hope that's covered under fair use. I've updated my music collection by 3 years at least. I also occasionally download some fanmixes and am always on the lookout for new stuff to satisfy my "fix". If I do download a whole mix that I really like, I try to leave a comment because I know that putting together a good one can be pretty time consuming sometimes and I certainly appreciate the effort.

Don't get things twisted...I also still buy and download music! Sometimes I'll download some MP3 albums on amazon.com or buy them from secondspin.com if the prices are better.

So, being a musicholic can be tough. I have so much stuff that I've only gleaned or haven't gotten around to listen yet. When any new CD comes out that I want, I check to see if the library has it on order or save it in my amazon wish list to check on later. The monthly $5 amazon mp3 albums always get my business. If secondspin comes out with a really great promotion, I'm apt to go through my wish list and buy just enough to satisfy the conditions of the discount. I really need to go cold turkey for a while, listen too the music that I have already, and then get rid of stuff that I don't like anymore.

11th-Mar-2011 09:01 am(no subject)
dirty, jared padalecki, supernatural
So, the power went out atleast six times last night due to the storm. It would just go out for about 20 seconds and then come back on. Well, when I finally reset my alarm around midnight and went to bed. My mom happens to wake me up and my clock said 8:20, and I'm due into work at 8:30. I ran around and got myself together as quickly as I could and then looked at the clock in the bathroom, which said 7:30. I look at my watch and the clock on my computer and it's the same time. Then I go to tell my mom and her bedroom clock said 9:30! I guess the last time the power went out was 10:00PM! So, long story short, I was 10 minutes late instead of an hour late.

In another random thought, Ashthon or as I affectionately call her, "big hair", was voted off American Idol last night. Good riddance!
15th-Feb-2010 09:31 am - valentines weekend
dirty, jared padalecki, supernatural
I have to say that I had a pretty fantastic weekend. I got to see two movies: Dear John and Valentines Day.
Besides Channing Tatum being super tasty, I actually really enjoyed the movie. I heard that the book was a little different and did not have the happy ending. I'm kind of glad because those unrequited love stories can be frustrating. Valentine's Day is good as well. Well, maybe more cute then good. There was too much going on and not enough laugh out loud moments for me.

I also got to see a WWE house show this Sunday. It had already been postponed twice because of the snow so I was pretty anxious to see it. The best part is when Dx pulled down Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase's trunks! It was a beautiful site:) Unfortunately, I was too shocked and excited to get any pictures.
emmett from twilight
I haven't posted anything for a while because I honestly haven't done anything that I considered worthwhile. I recently went up to NYC with a couple friends this past weekend and we had such a good time. I started telling my co-worker over IM about the trip and it turned into so many paragraphs that I figured that I might as well post it for posterity.

First we took the E downtown to Washington Square Park which is in the Village area next to NYU. My friend Elysa hadn't been there in several years, so she wanted to see it again. it wasn't much to look at because they are doing alot of construction on it. After we were tired of that, we went to Peanut Butter and Co as soon as it opened. I had the Elvis, which is peanut butter, honey, bananas and bacon toasted. I opted for whole wheat and crunchy pb. Elysa got a peanut butter cup, which is pb and nutella. She got it toasted on whole wheat. Her boyfriend, Gregor, also got a toasted sandwhich but I don't rem what was in it and he got a milkshake. They loved it and will go back again maybe in the spring. We then walked to this store in Soho called the Evolution Nature Store. They had all kinds of bones, fossils, bugs (butterflies, bettles, insects) in glass cases, taxadermied animals and stones, jewelry etc. They love stuff like that so that was another huge hit. I would definitely recommend it and take other people to visit it.

Then we took a walk over to the Dean and Deluca cafe and supermarket. If you were a fan of Felicity, you'd remember that she worked there. I used to visit it all the time when I friend Chara was at NYU getting her masters degree. That place is just amazing. It's kind of like a really fancy wholefoods that sells all kinds of gourmet foods, veggies, pastries, chocolates, cooking supplies etc. I just love it there. I picked up a couple stocking stuffers for my brother. We took the subway to Union Square so we could go to the Holiday Market. Basically, it's all of these little booths set up and it's kind of like a little crafts market. For example, one person sells soaps, one person makes ornaments, someone else is selling art, someone else has baked goods, etc. They had a ton of little unique gifts all in one place. We each got a little something but then it started to rain heavily so we got back on the subway. It took us a while to get to the Moma because we kept waiting for the V train which would drop us right off at 53rd and 5th but four F trains went by while we waited so we just hopped on one of those. Now I know that the V only ruuns on weekdays! Unfortunately, it left us off at 47th and 5th so we had to walk to 53rd in the snow. We probably would have been better off taking the 6 to 51st and switching too the E, but I didn't know that at the time.

Well, we finally got to Moma but we went in the wrong way and there was just a sea of people, like hundreds of people in line. We finally waved over a security guard and he directed us to the information desk. We picked up our tickets that my co-workers sister left for us without a problem but then had to wait in the super long coat check line. it musy have taken us 20 minutes just to do that, but then we went about finding the Tim Burton exhibit.

We followed the signs and followed the excalators downstairs to this room that had posters from his movies and weird portraits that Tim Burton did. Like one was of this woman that had makeup on that made it look like she was stitched together and she was sawing off her leg and one was this weird bush thing that had eyeballs at the end of it's branches. Really bizarre stuff like that. In the center of the room where some of the objects from the posters. Then all of the sudden everyone got in line and was being herded through these doors but when I showed them the ticket, the security guard said that this was the line for one of his movies and we needed a separate ticket for that. I thought it was a line to go into the exhibit! He told us that it was on the third floor so we made our way up there. When we got there it was ultra crowded and they were shooing away people that either didn't have Tim Burton tickets or those who had the timed tickets but it wasn't their time yet. We got in without a problem because of our guest passes.

It was equally crowded inside, but we were able to see everything if we went with the flow of the crowd. You could jump around if you wanted but then you couldn't get close enough sometimes.
The exhibit itself was cool but equally bizarre. it had all of these drawings and paintings that we did from the time that he as young until now. There were pencil sketches of weird monsters, little comics, and actual paintings. There were these little maquette puppets of these completely bizarre creatures. There was also work from artists that has been inspired by his projects.Tthey also had alot of props from his movies. They had the whole leather outfit, scissor hands and wig that Johnny Depp wore in Edward Scizzorhands, Michelle Pfieffer's catwoman outfit, a few batman masks, the baby carraige that the Penguin was in as a baby, the little puppets that they used to make Nightmare Before Christmas, Corpse Bride, Coraline and one used in Beetlejuice when Beetlejuice was a snake. They had these animatronic dolls from the opening scene of his Willy Wonka movie that caught on fire and were all singed and melted. They also had puppets from some other short films that he did. I think one of the coolest things he had besides the movie props where the original concepts for a few of his movies. They were hand written on a yellow notepad and it was his original concept behind Edward Scissorhands and Beetlejuice. After we saw everything and my friends got a few souveneers, we went to exploe the rest of the museum.

We then explored the museum and saw some strange sculptures like this bowl and spoon covered in fur and this bizaare Salvadore Dali one with a mannaquin head and feather and corn cobs for hair with a loaf of french bread balanced on top and ants crawling on it. We also saw some amazing works by Picasso, Cezanne, Jackson Pollock, Van Gogh, Monet, Salvadore Dali, etc etc. I have pics of a ton of them as you were allowed to take pics w/o flash. I have to admit that I really don't understand modern art. Some of it looks like they just threw random paint or welded together random pieces of metal. I appreciated the really colorful ones the most even if I didn't understand the point.

So, we left there around five and made our way to the World of Disney store. We had to wait in a little bit of a line because we had to wait for the employees to bag the umbrellas to keep them from dripping all over the store. I just got a mug, that flat round ornament and a pin that had the mickey symbol and NYC on it. It was kind of like a play on I heart NYC but with a mickey head instead. I also got some candy for my nephews. Then we walked to Saint Patrick's Cathedral where Elysa lights a candle for her friend that passed away five years ago. She lights one every year. Then we walked to Rockefeller Center and took pics of the tree. Elysa and Gregor got a professional pic done as it's a tradition for them. then we went into his ridiculously expensive chocolate store called Teuscher Chocolates that sold swiss chocolate at $75 dollars/pound. I did get this chocolate bar for $6.50 that is 99% cocoa. You know how with the dark chocolate it's always some percentage like 77% or so? They said it's extremely bitter so you should only bake with it. my brother constantly talks about how the higher percentage bars are so much better and had never found one above 88% so he'll be very surprised!

Then we walked to the M&M store in Times Square which was an absolute mad house. I just walked around while they shopped but was getting very tired by that point and the special color m&ms were $12.95/pound so I was like no thanks. We also ran into the Hershey Store and I got these Almond Joy pieces. They are like Reese's pieces but one color is coconut flavored, another is almond flavored and another is chocolate flavored. They had this concept for some other hershey products as well. My sis wanted unique candy so that fit the bill. I also got Lou the Take 5 bars he wanted and a 5th avenue bar. Then we stopped in some other outrageous chocolate store for a sample and then took the subway to Macy's on 34st street because there's this little diner/cafe that they found one time called Andrew's Cafe that they like. It was OK but nothing I'd recommend. I mean atleast not for what I got. I got a western omlette and had to pay extra for cheese which I swear they didn't even add and they had no free refills. with two sodas, the omlette and a side of bacon, it came to $17 with tax and tip. We got a better meal at serendipity as far as I was concerned. plus they only had one bathroom that was constantly occupied. then we finally caught the train home at 9PM.

We did get alot done and had a really great time. Even though it was raining or snowing most of the day, it stayed warm enough where we didn't use the foot warmers that a picked up but we did end up using a pair of hand warmers towards the end and a couple cheap ponchos during the day.

4th-Nov-2009 02:31 pm - Glee
chace + JC
I love Glee, like REALLY love it. Like if Glee came up to me in a bar, it would get some lovin:) That was all that I really felt like saying about it. I guess the best part is that watching it makes me happy. Some of the cast is nice to look at and they all can really sing. Jayma Mays is love as always and Jane Lynch is just incredible. She's so deliciously despicable:) Oh, and I'm glad that Cory Monteith's career has taken off since Kyle XY.
18th-Sep-2009 09:12 am - lazy days
dirty, jared padalecki, supernatural
 I'm having one of those days where I just know that I'm not going to be productive. I kinda feel in a Bastion stealing a book and hiding in a school attic mood. Maybe it was the lack of breakfast, which I just tried to bandaid with a protein shake. Summer is closing down and here comes fall all too soon. We are going to try to squeeze in one more trip to the beach tomorrow, but everyone seems more in the mood to just go on the boardwalk so we'll have to see how it goes. I think I'll try to get some work done but I'll more likely try to concentrate on processing pics that I took at two WWE shows at the end of June. Raw photos are great but it definitely takes me alot longer to play with them. I use Adobe Raw because I haven't been motivated to get CaptureNX yet. I wonder if it's that much better.
8th-Sep-2009 09:50 am - Lititz, PA
dirty, jared padalecki, supernatural
I honestly didn't think that I had alot to say about it, but I started to tell my co-worker about my weekend and it turned into paragraphs, so I figured that I'd post it. This weekend, I visited Lititz, PA in Lancaster County with my parents.  We went to their annual Saturday morning farmers market and got some of these little yummy orange peppers. We also got some homemade root beer but either it wasn't a good batch or it got too shaken up on the car ride back because it wasn't that great. Then we went to this antique fair in the Lititz Spring Park which was pretty much like a flea market but there were some actual antique here and there but it was all dealers who wanted too much money. The best part was the homemade shaved ice for me and the fresh cut fries for my parents.

After looking in some of the little shops,  we went to this place that one of my co-workers recommended called Isaac's Deli and Restuarant. It was mostly soup, salad, and sandwhiches but you could tell it was all homemade, even the bread. I had a salad with cranberry almond chicken salad that was pretty tasty and my parents liked their sandwhiches.

After lunch, we went to Wilbur's Chocolate which was a complete madhouse. You would have thought they were throwing around free chocolate in there. They had a small display for some of the old molds and kettle pots, etc and another room with old cans of cocoa and tea sets, etc. The whole back was glass and you could see the older ladies making the chocolate. You could order special stuff from them and fudge. the lady was sooo excited to sell me tiger butter fudge which is a layer of chocolate, a layer of creamy peanut butter and a layer of vanilla
We also purchased some pretzels from the Sturgis Pretzel Bakery, which is their other claim to fame but sadly my dad didn't want to pay three bucks each for the factory tour so we called it a day. then we went back to the rv and grilled some burgers and grilled the yummy peppers with other fixins and my brother and his gf came over and camped overnight.
13th-Aug-2009 10:50 am - NYC VISIT 8/1/09 PART 2
dirty, jared padalecki, supernatural
 So, where was I? Oh yeah, so we made our way over to Shakespeare's Garden. We were not amused...at all. I think it's just the wrong season for the pretty. After that we were pretty pooped so everyone else got a frozen fruit bar and we laid on a huge rock.

We decided to try to get to Union Square because I wanted to get some dessert in Max Brenners. Well, we ended up getting on the wrong subway downtown because Mike ran onto it, so we decided to go to Wall Street instead. Even though I had a map, I got confused and we ended up missing our stop and going a few into Brooklyn! If that wasn't bad enough, we had a confusing time getting on the subway back to Manhatten because there was more than one subway entrance. We eventually got the subway back and took pictures of various buildings and sculptures. Our favorite subject by far was Trinity Church. It looks so out of place yet so amazing at the same time. I wish that we could have gone inside. After that, we wound our way down to South Street Seaport. It had been so long since I had been there that I didn't realise that Unos took up a good chunk on the second floor and we got in trouble because he thought we could go through the restaurant to the mall area. We did eventually find our way in and I proceeded to get the biggest diet coke that I could find while everyone else had a beer. We got some great shots of the Brooklyn Bridge and of the ships. You bcan even see the Statue of Liberty in one way in the distance. I think maybe next time I'll take them to the Staten Island Ferry as that give you great panaramic shots of the city and the Statue of Liberty.

We were pretty tired after that point, so we took the subway back to Penn Station. We found this little place that had prepackaged salads, so we each got one and a soda. I also bought this awesome looking white chocolate macadamia nut cookie and a chocolate covered macaroon cookie, which I prompty threw into the big freezer to discover on another day. I'm back in the weight loss kick finally and actually haven't had any junk at all since that day.
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